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Injaz Apps Hosting is an international datacenter and telecommunications services provider with Points of Presence in Egypt, Qatar, Germany and USA.

Injaz Apps Hosting partner in one of the largest data centers in Germany located in the center of the capital business area since 1996.

Injaz Apps is engineered to the highest levels of extensive systems to address security and network redundancy, enabling Injaz Apps to offer a high infrastructure availability guarantee.

Injaz Apps Hosting is connected to the Internet via two of the largest IP providers in the world (UUNet, Flag Telecom, Level 3 & Seabone & Hitzner).

We are proud to deliver integrated solutions for hosting services to equip you with a continuous, stable web presence. We provide the following hosting systems.

  • Independent-Server Hosting
    This is the best solution for institutions wishing to have full control over their website environment without incurring liability for server administration or maintenance. Independent pre-set servers enjoy high performance and can function as:
    web servers;
    part of e-business solutions;
    A backbone of the intranet and
    A supporting system for any task requiring speed and utmost security.
  • Common-Server Hosting
    You can use this system if you do not need the facilities available under Independent-Server Hosting. This system is cost effective. However, Independent Server Hosting provides greater security, better control and faster access.